1Do I need to book in advance or wait until I am in Bali?
We are always busy and year-round we are fully booked most days, as we are in high demand we highly recommend you book as early as possible, don’t wait till your in Bali or you will most likely miss out
2Do you have insurance?
Yes for most of our tours we have insurance that covers the guest for injuries etc, this is covered under the Bali Tourism Board. On each tour page it will state if insurance is included.
3Are you Covid Safe?
Yes, With regular checks from Government Authorities (CHSE) and all staff and team are fully vaccinated as per Bali regulations.
4Can all guides and safe speak English?
Yes, all can speak both English and Indonesian well
5ATV’s or Quads - How old can kids ride?
Please view the family quads on the beach or atvs on the beach page, it has all the info regarding this.
6ATV’s or Quads – What is a Tandem?
Tandem is 2 persons sharing 1 ATV/Quad bike, its usually best for 1 adult and 1 child or 2 small adults, Tandem combined weight cannot exceed 155kg.
7What’s the different between ATVs on the Beach and Family Quads?
There is not a huge amount of difference, because the family tour is specifically designed for families with younger kids, basically if you have kids under 12-14 years you should book the family tour.
8What is the resort called on the VIP option?
Amarta Beach Resort, we will be adding a gallery on the page soon
9What happens when it’s raining?
All our tours are outdoor activities, we don’t worry about the weather until on that day we see that the weather is unsafe to do the tour, then we make a call. We don’t worry about the weather 1 or 2 weeks or months in advance. Weather in Bali chances hour by hour, place by place, it could be raining one minute and sun shine the next, we suggest customers don’t put to much worry into the weather as generally its great weather.
10White Water Rafting - Is there any stairs to climb?
No our tour has none at the start or finish, we are one of the only rafting places in Bali like this.
11White Water Rafting – Is there any steep drops?
Our tour is mostly scenic and fun, not too extreme and there is a few drop but not to big and you can have the option to go down them or go around them with the guide.
12Blue Lagoon Snorkelling – Is it good year-round?
Yes, it is, and so is the weather.
13Can we use our own driver?
Generally, no, as all our drivers are covered under our insurance umbrella & also some of our tour start points are hard to find, so its best and highly advisable to use our drivers as its included in the price anyway.
14Where is the ATV/Quad location on the Beach?
Easiest way is to google Tanah Lot Bali, we are close to that temple.
15Can you do ATVs and Rafting on the same day?
No, they are in different locations and there isn’t enough time to travel to both comfortably.
16Can you save money if you book multiple activities?
Yes, check out our combo’s page or email us what you want to do and we will quote you.
17Water Sports – Where is the location?
Not far from Nusa Dua & Kuta areas.
18Can we pay in advance?
Yes definitely, most of our tours and combo’s require this.